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Book Review: Toy Soldiers

Toy Soldiers Book Cover Toy Soldiers
Michael G. Keller
Political Fiction
Montag Press
October 28, 2016

An arrogant American hedge fund analyst is sent to appraise an African mine that is controlled by a brutal warlord. When the financier is kidnapped by child soldiers and dragged into their bloody rebellion, he becomes entangled in their struggle and must choose between claiming the immense wealth he worked so hard for, or throwing it away and risking his life for a slim chance to save theirs.

Toy Soldiers explores themes of globalization, economic corruption, exploitation of children and courage against daunting adversity.

My Review

Toy Soldiers is a short, but gripping tale that explores many different moral and ethical themes. Although short, it covered a lot of ground, and contained a lot of very good character development. From Kaufman, the financial genius, to Sebu, the leader of the child army, the author creates many different characters that any reader will thoroughly enjoy.

My only gripe would have been that I would have liked more backstory for the main characters. The author does a good job building the characters, but it isn’t entirely clear to me how these characters would have developed this way. Sometimes the actions of the characters seem like quite a leap.

For anyone who enjoys an exciting political fiction novel (which isn’t too heavy on politics, but more on action), I would strongly recommend this book!

I was given a review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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