Mind Mapping For Students

A few months ago I started using a program called MindManager. It’s a very powerful program used to create very aesthetically pleasing mind maps. I’ve been using it as a primary method of note taking in most of my classes. It doesn’t work so well for math, but for anything else, it’s a great option. I like it particularly because it easily allows me to link ideas together by adding relationships within the map, which aids me in recalling the information later.

Anthropology Map

There is also a feature that lets you add attachments to topics within the map, so that you can add pictures, or anything else that is appropriate. The reason I started using this to take notes was because I watched this video, which is a very good example of how students can make use of this program.

However, it’s not only useful for students, it can be used for anything. I’ve also been using this program to plan out various projects at work, and the recipients of these maps have been very impressed.

I’ve tried out several free alternatives for mind mapping, including FreeMind, but none of them make the maps look as good as MindManager does. It is definitely worth the investment for the product.

MindManager is available for both Windows and Mac.

2 thoughts on “Mind Mapping For Students

  1. Very interesting blog you have there. I am part of a team that has developed a new tool called comapping.com. Our primary focus is actually education and we have done a number of test with students from college to primary school students with our software. We are currently running a study with a large high school here in Denmark and the result so far has been very promising.

    The primary benefit of Comapping is that it can be done online and shared with anyone. Also the structure and layout of Comapping makes it easier to structure and receive an overview of infomation. Try it out and let me know what you think.

    Kind regards


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